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Whether you just need adminitrative work to be done, need some help with branding, need a website built (and hosted), you are in the right place! KL Creative Solutions has you covered.

Administrative pricing starts at $30 per hour with a minimum of 10 hours.

KL Creative Solutions is different than the competition. We allow you to pick a package based on hours. What we do for you is completely customizable…no more paying for things you don’t need!

Some Jobs to Choose from

With tons of things to be done to run your business, you may think “How do I choos what jobs to hand off?”

That is an excellent question and the answer is simple, you hand off the jobs you don’t like to do! Here are some examples of things that could be handed off to get you thinking.

Time Blocking

Allow us to time block your schedule for you so that you have set times to do specific things.


Allow us to organize your inbox so that everything has its’ place and you know which emails you need to work on right away.

Back Office

Keeping all your important files in one well organized place is key. Never misplace a document again.

Bundle and Save

When you purchase a website build with any one of the above bundles you can get up to 10% off the price of your website build.


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